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Boggle is worried about you! Boggle is also an owl.
Dec 11 '12

Anonymous asked:

A coworker found out about my depression, and she asked if 1) it was because of the season (no), 2) if it was "that time of the month" (no), or 3) because I'm homosexual (certainly not). I have to work in the same room as her, and she chats with me all the time, but I really need to not talk about this with her. How would you suggest I deflect or change the subject when she next brings it up? I need to remain on friendly terms with her, or my work life will get too stressful.

I’m sorry you have to deal with this person! She is being incredibly nosy and rude. I would go with, “You know, I don’t actually like to talk about this at work. Could we not bring it up here?” and just repeat a firm, smiling “I don’t like to talk about that at work” whenever she relapses. This works just as well with school, or at family gatherings, or anywhere else. People assume you have reasons for having those boundaries that don’t have anything to do with them.

Good luck! Please take care of yourself!

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