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Boggle is worried about you! Boggle is also an owl.
Dec 11 '12

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    This owl has some damn good advice.
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  5. thecolossalennui said: Your mom and stepdad can still take care of you if they’re divorced, and they’ll probably be happier, so they’ll be able to take care of you even better.
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  8. andthen-theresthisasshole said: my mom got divorced after she remarried too - they had a good reason, but i hated it at the time even though my biological dad has never left me. it was hard for a while, but i promise you it gets easier!
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    As someone whose parents stayed together longer than they should have for my sister and I, I find this advice good. My...
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  12. vensre said: It’s possible that their separation, and both being in healthier places in their own right, could help them to be able to support you more fully too. You don’t have to lose anyone. I hope it works out for you, OP.
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  14. comebreakmedown-buryme said: It will be so much better in the long run if you just let them go their separate ways. Trust me. <3
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