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Boggle is worried about you! Boggle is also an owl.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Boggle update?

Mondays through Fridays.

Are you going to sell Boggle plushies/keychains/etc?

Not any time soon, I’m afraid. Believe me, nobody wants a Boggle plushie more than me! Maybe one day that will be possible, but right now, custom plushies and toys are just too expensive.

Does Boggle answer every ask he gets?

No. I’m sorry, but that just wouldn’t be possible. I answer as many people as I can in the time that I have, in no particular order, according to who I think I can help the most that day.

Boggle never answered me! Should I resubmit my question?

You can if you want; messages sometimes do get lost. But please keep in mind that I receive many more messages than I can answer. Submitting over and over again does not make it any more likely that your message will be made into a comic.

I can’t fit my problem into one message! What should I do?

Messages that come in more than one part are not used for comics. Tumblr’s servers are also really bad at managing multiple messages going from the same source to the same destination; if you send me a five part message, chances are I’ll only see half of them! So please send any longer messages you have as fanmail, using this link. Every Friday I will answer one of these messages for Long Letter Day. 

What’s Long Letter Day?

On Fridays, Boggle adopts the format of a traditional advice column, and answers a long letter submitted by fanmail with an in-depth response. If you want to send in a message for Long Letter Day, just do it by fanmail! Don’t worry: you will remain anonymous!

Are there any restrictions on the kinds of questions you answer?

A few! Due to the number of people who have submitted unanonymously by accident, I no longer answer unanonymous requests for advice (unless it’s for Long Letter Day, of course; in which case, your username will not be posted). 

If your message could be characterized as ‘graphic,’ either sexually or violently, I will not use it. While I do tag for trigger warnings, not everyone uses Tumblr Savior, and I don’t want to upset any of Boggle’s readers with content they weren’t prepared for. Please leave out the gory details if you would like for your message to be made public.

I also don’t use messages that could be described as ‘adult,’ as there are a number of minors who read Boggle, as well as many sexual abuse and assault survivors who may not be comfortable with seeing explicitly sexual content in this space.

I don’t need advice; I have a question about the site, prints, fanart, my last message, etc—!

Please don’t write in anonymously about it! I would be happy to answer questions like this privately, but if you send them in anonymously, I have no way of getting back to you!

I don’t need advice; I have something to say to the anon from a previous comic!

If you send your message for an anon to me, I can’t do anything with it! I can’t get in touch with them any more easily than you can. Please just reblog the relevant post and add your thoughts below. If you don’t want to do that on your main blog, it only takes seconds to set up a secondary blog on your Tumblr account. Just look for the (+) icon on your dash!

I am a pediatrician, nurse, teacher, guidance counselor, therapist, or social worker, and I would like to use Boggle in my workplace or in a presentation. Is that all right?

That is completely okay. Please credit as appropriate.

I would like to make fanart of Boggle, include Boggle in my original fiction, or make a craft Boggle. Is that okay?

That’s fine! Please credit appropriately! And if you want to send me links or pictures, I would love to see them!